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Forming a Private Limited Company in the UK is relatively inexpensive and UK Companies are excellent vehicles for trading in Europe.

Requirements for UK Private Limited Company

  1. No minimum Authorized Capital.
  2. Registered Office in the UK is required – we can provide this service.
  3. A minimum of one Shareholder and one Director is required – Corporate Directors are permitted.
  4. A Company Secretary must be appointed – we can provide this service.
  5. Nominee Director and Shareholder permitted – we can provide this service.
  6. Company’s Director and Secretary need not be UK residents.
  7. Annual returns and accounts must be filed.
  8. Shelf Companies are available.

Cost of Private Limited Company in the UK

Incorporation of Company (or supply of Shelf Company) – US$450

Registered Office – US$490 p.a.

Optional Services

Nominee Director – US$550 p.a.

Nominee Secretary & Statutory Maintenance (assistance in preparing & filing annual reports) – US$590 p.a.

Nominee Shareholder – US$290 p.a.

Additional Optional Services will be quoted upon request

Important Note: The above shall not be construed as professional counseling with respect to tax planning and structures. Every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy. Nevertheless, all information given must be verified at the time of Company Formation and/or request for provision of any Services. It is also subject to change without prior notice.

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