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Professional Identity Card

Degrees in law and accountingare intertwined and complement one another, in order to provide a suitable solution to problems in the domain of commercial law in general, and tax law in particular, and problems in the domain of accounting measurement, business analysis, pricing, damage quantification and other auxiliary services in the areas handled by accountants that are tangential to law.

Practical experiencein running an accounting practice over a period of 16 years, coupled with activity in auxiliary services related to accounting, such as preparing business plans, recovery arrangements, liquidations and bankruptcies, and rendering expert opinions for courts of law, arbitration and mediation, all under one roof and supported by an outstanding professional team.

Today,in the framework of a law office, in partnership with the Nathan Meir and Co. law office (approximately 20 attorneys).

Rami Arie – attorney at law and certified public accountant

LLB (cum laude) and bachelor’s degree in Economics (TelAvivUniversity), bachelor’s degree in Accounting (TelAvivUniversity). Certified public accountant (1987), certified tax consultant (1986). Arbiter and mediator (Israel CPA Council, court-appointed). Certified auditor for local authorities in Israel(1993). IDF Military Police Investigator, traffic accident investigator and preventive driving instructor (during my compulsory service and reserve duty in the IDF). Internship in taxes at the office of Dr. Avi Altar and Co., attorneys at law.

- Author of professional articlespublished in the lawyers journal, the certified public accountants journal, Taxes & Actions, Knowledge to Information, Neto +, The journal of the Association of Chambers of Commerce, in the press (Ha’aretz, Globes and Yediot Ahronot). Author and co-author of books in the field of taxation, the capital market, the income tax reform, international taxation (published by Idan together with Dr. Avi Altar, attorney at law). Lecturer at forums of the Israel Bar Association, the Israel CPA Council, the Association of Chambers of Commerce, the City Commission, Ma’ariv Conferences, controllers and more. Member of the Tax Committee of the IsraelBar Association.

- Law internship in commercial law and tax law.Income tax, National Insurance, Value Added Tax, real estate taxation, tax planning, tax appeals, companies law and securities law, labor law, real estate.

- Drafting expert opinionsin the context of taxation issues, business management, valuations, lifting the corporate veil at companies, damage quantification, loss of profit quantification, labor lawsuits and more

- Arbitration and mediation

- Independent accounting practice (16 years – around 18 employees), specializing in representation vis-à-vis the tax authorities, drafting prospectuses for the Securities Authority, associations and non-profit organizations, economic companies affiliated with local authorities.

- Owner of a company for valuation services, trust management, liquidations and bankruptcy proceedings, business plans, recovery arrangements for corporations and individuals, representation vis-à-vis the banks

- Former CEO of MATI (The Center for the Cultivation of Entrepreneurship) – Coastal Plain and Inland Region – on behalf of the Small Businesses in Israel Authority, chairman of the AMBAL Association (for the construction of 118 private homes), member of the Rotary Club, chairman and member of various public committees and associations.

E-mail: rami@ralc.co.ilwebsite: www.ralc.co.il

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