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About Us

The office was established in 1988 by attorney and CPA Rami Arie , and is engaged in many areas of law, accounting and economics.

Degrees in law and accountingare intertwined and complement one another, in order to provide a suitable solution to problems in the domain of commercial law in general, and tax law in particular, and problems in the domain of accounting measurement, business analysis, pricing, damage quantification and other auxiliary services in the areas handled by accountants that are tangential to law.

Practical experiencein running an accounting practice over a period of 16 years, coupled with activity in auxiliary services related to accounting, such as preparing business plans, recovery arrangements, liquidations and bankruptcies, and rendering expert opinions for courts of law, arbitration and mediation, all under one roof and supported by an outstanding professional team.

In addition to our activity in the domain of accounting and auditing the financial statements of various companies and economic concerns, our office specializes mainly in the domain of taxes (income tax, VAT, real estate tax and National Insurance), and provides legal services in the domain of corporate law, with close supervision, consultancy and legal representation in the context of our clients’ ongoing business activity.

The office’s clients include public companies listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, companies, self-employed individuals and members of the liberal professions, contracting companies, industrial plants, business partnerships, commercial concerns, associations and non-profit organizations, economic companies affiliated with local authorities, city associations and more.

Since the law and the rules of professional ethics prevent us from publicizing the names of our clients, we refrain from publicizing the names of our clients (unless this information was published in the written or online press).

Spheres of Activity

In the legal domain:

In the accounting domain:

Tax law –income tax, betterment tax, VAT, National Insurance

Auditing –financial statements for companies, non-profit organizations and local authorities

Labor law –employer – employee lawsuits

Business plans

Setting up and registering companies and partnerships

Drafting founders documents

Company valuations, due diligence and representation checks

Drafting business contracts and various documents

Investigative audits and internal audits

Various arrangements and recovery arrangements vis-à-vis banks and creditors

Tax rebates for salaried employees and for the self-employed

Arbitration, mediation and conciliation

Legal / accounting opinions

* Assuming the burden of proof for lifting the corporate veil (or refuting)
*Quantification of damage in damages claims
* Quantification of claims in the context of labor law

* Quantification of financial claims, linkage and interest calculations
* Proving damages in the case of loss of profits, loss of inventory and so forth

* Tax planning and tax-related opinions

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